Bib Aprons for Women

Bib Apron Women When bib aprons were first invented way back in the 19th Century, they were worn by both men and women. Men wore them for work – at the general store … in the blacksmith’s shop … or other similar situations. And women, since they tended not to work in those days, wore their bib aprons in the home.

In that long ago time, there were many, many chores for women that needed to be done daily. These included … washing, sweeping, cooking and, if they lived on a farm, feeding and caring for the farm animals. Clearly, the work was dirty and that’s why women wore bib aprons. The aprons protected their clean clothing from getting soiled.

Over time, the connotation for bib aprons became feminine. The aprons were utilitarian, not fashionable, and were essentially garb for women only. That mindset continued on for generations … right up to recent times.

Women in the home wore bib aprons or some other kind of apron; men in the home, well … they didn’t wear aprons at all – never! Of course, working men did wear bib aprons in their professional lives – as shopkeepers … or blacksmiths … or in many other professional forms of endeavor. In fact, many men with jobs as lab technicians working with chemicals wore a heavier kind of bib apron than the cloth apron worn by women in their homes. The same was true for men working with x-rays. They actually wore aprons made of lead – for their personal safety.

It is in the more modern era that things began to change. Bib aprons and other types of aprons, too, have become part of the fashion world. They are now much more than utilitarian. They look good and help to enhance a woman’s appearance.
Many bib aprons for women are, these days, available in beautiful designer colors and fabrics. While colors for men tend to be more masculine, as they should, those for women are in bright and light pastels and many delightful patterns that make women feel good when they wear them.

Importantly, bib aprons, even as fashion, are very inexpensive and affordable so that women who enjoy wearing them are often able to buy several aprons at one time. The truth is that such women are able to buy aprons that are color-coordinated with the outfits they wear on any given day. Men, of course, lack the same heightened sense of fashion consciousness that drives women. Men simply want to keep their clothes clean.

Will bib aprons continue to be popular as fashion garments for women … for men, as well? It’s kind of difficult to say, but as long as the prices remain low and affordable the chances are excellent that simple, unassuming bib aprons will show up in the majority of American households. After all, they serve two very useful purposes. They keep a woman’s clothing clean and free from stains. And, when they’re not doing that, they actually enhance a woman’s outfit.

Figure that bib aprons will be around for many more years. Americans, of both sexes, like them.