Bib Aprons for Men

Bib Apron Men There was a time, many, many years ago when a man wearing an apron, specifically a bib apron, would have his masculinity called into question … unless he wore it outside the home in a work-related situation.

Think back to the nineteenth century and men wore bib aprons to handle a variety of professional chores. The owner or an employee of the “general store” always wore a bib apron because his work could get dirty and messy and his regular clothing (beneath the bib apron) could easily get soiled.

The town’s blacksmith certainly wore a bib apron, one that was probably made of leather or some sort of hide because his work was, without question, “dirty work.” Men in other professional pursuits, like the cook in the cavalry unit, also wore bib aprons for the very same reasons – to keep their regular clothing clean.

The same rules apply for men today although there have been some changes. Take a trip to the local national chain hardware or do-it-yourself store – Home Depot or Loews – and you will see every male employee wearing a bib apron. It is store policy, but it also makes sense. The male employee who mixes paint in the paint department, for instance, is sure to splash some paint each and every day. His bib apron will “take the hit,” leaving his clothing clean.

Travel to your local supermarket … same thing. Male employees wear bib aprons. Once again, the reason why they do is simple. Many of these male employees are called upon to lift and move stock and … more often than not the boxes and cartons they lift are dusty or at least a little bit dirty. Their bib aprons act like shields against the grime that might otherwise make its way onto their clothing.

Want more? Think of any retail store you visit and you’re likely to remember seeing a male employee wearing a bib apron. Male employees working in laboratories with chemicals (that can splash) also wear bib aprons, as do x-ray lab technicians, of course.

So it should come as no surprises these days when you see a male wearing a bib apron in a retail environment that you frequent. Where these men are concerned, call the bib aprons by the name they merit: work clothes.

However, and this is where the change comes in compared to the far-off distant past. There is no longer any stigma attached to males who choose to use aprons, particularly the once thought-to-be-feminine bib aprons.

These days, bib aprons are “fashionable” and at-home dads wear them all of the time – to cook up a storm in the kitchen … or to grill the steaks at the backyard barbecue.

How much have things really changed? Bib aprons for men, in different, but always masculine colors and fabrics, leather, for instance, are now considered great gifts for dad at Christmas … or for his birthday … even for father’s day.

They’re inexpensive … and men like receiving them.