Bib Apron

Bib ApronsPeople wear bib aprons for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are that they cover the front of the body (above and below the waist) and serve as a protective garment that can keep your street clothes from being soiled by dirt and stains or damaged through normal wear and tear.

Many people wear bib aprons because they are also hygienic and, depending upon what you’re working with, can keep germs off of your clothing. Those are good reasons for wearing bib aprons, but they’re not the only reasons. Interestingly enough, many people wear them as “fashionable garments.”

It’s true. It may seem hard to believe, but the fact is that today’s bib aprons are available in stylish colors and designs that enhance and improve a person’s wardrobe. It wasn’t always that way.

Initially, bib aprons and all other styles of aprons were worn almost exclusively by women, primarily homemakers, as they went about their daily chores in the home – cleaning, sweeping, dusting, washing and cooking. The bib aprons offered a suitable defense against dirt, dust, grease and other stains … and, beyond that, they were decidedly feminine.

Men never wore bib aprons unless there was a specific work-related need for them. For example: a shop owner selling fresh meat and poultry – or even fish – would have had a need for a bib apron to keep his clothing clean. Male workers in laboratories had to wear bib aprons, made of rubber, to protect themselves from potentially harmful and very dangerous chemicals.

Today, you can see men wearing bib aprons in stores like Home Depot or Loews because their work requires it. And, as for women, there are many jobs outside the home that require them to wear bib aprons, too. These include: waitresses … nurses and domestic workers, too.

Importantly, most bib aprons, especially those worn by women, are made of ordinary cloth. But, as I said earlier, people who work in laboratories with potentially toxic chemicals wear bib aprons – and gloves – made of rubber for safety.

Moreover, lab technicians who work with x-rays go a step further. Their bib aprons are made of lead … yes lead! The reason for this is simple. It shields the technician’s body from the very dangerous x-rays which, if absorbed by the body frequently, could lead to very serious health problems.

Here is something else to know about aprons that you may find interesting. While bib aprons are probably the most popular with people who wear any kind of apron, there are several variations. There is the waist apron … the pinafore … and the cobbler.

Whichever kind of apron you choose to wear, one thing is certain: the apron you select will protect you from messy spills and stains … from dirt and grease … from all of the little accidents and mistakes that can turn your clean clothes into a dirty mess. And for that reason, it makes very good sense to include aprons, specifically a bib apron, in your at-home wardrobe.

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